Kettlebell Lifting Seminar with Gregor Sobočan

Kettlebell Lifting Seminar with Gregor Sobočan


Head of Elite Girevoy Sport Association (EGSA), Gregor Sobočan is a Master of Sport International Class, Master Coach, pioneer of Kettlebell Lifting in Europe and world-class Kettlebell Lifting Athlete.

He discovered Kettlebells in 2004, while looking for better methods to improve his endurance and skills as a professional handball player in Slovenia.

As President of Slovenian Kettlebell Sport Association, he coaches kettlebell lifters, professional handball and volleyball players in his own gym in Slovenia, and educates new Kettlebell Lifting coaches worldwide. He educates himself constantly from the best coaches from Russia. He also writes articles on the importance of training with kettlebells, and how it can develop power and endurance.

Participants will learn how to snatch, clean & jerk in the most efficient way possible!
There is no minimum skill requirement!

Participation fee is 250 € for 12 hours of high quality coaching

Registration deadline: Friday 12.10.2018
Cancellation deadline: Friday 16.10.2018

Please send your registration to

After registration you will receive an email with all the information for the workshop as well as payment details.